Mixology workshops held at Lov Hotel Faralya offer a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your partner. Here are some benefits you can gain by participating in these workshops:

Cocktail Making Skills: Mixology workshops provide a great opportunity to enhance your cocktail making skills. You will learn different techniques and perfect measurements under the guidance of expert mixologists. You'll learn how to mix cocktails perfectly and make accurate measurements.

Flavor Exploration: By experiencing different cocktail recipes in the workshops, you will discover new flavors. From classic cocktails to modern and unique recipes, a wide range of options will be available. You can expand your palate by exploring new tastes and combinations.

Creating Unique Cocktails: Mixology workshops allow you to create your own unique cocktails. By combining different ingredients, you can design personalized cocktails that match your style. This is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and craft unique beverages.

Collaboration and Fun: By attending mixology workshops with your partner, you can enjoy a shared activity. You can prepare cocktails together, exchange ideas, and create fun memories. Collaborating and supporting each other during the workshop can lead to a wonderful experience.

Mixology Culture: The workshops allow you to learn about the culture and history of mixology. You will gain knowledge about different types of beverages, techniques, and ingredients involved in cocktail making. This understanding will help you appreciate and enjoy drinks in a better way.


The mixology workshops at Lov Hotel Faralya offer a delightful activity for you and your partner. You can enhance your cocktail making skills, discover new flavors, create unique cocktails, and have a fun experience together.

Discover a slower pace of life at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, away from the city. Enjoy the tranquility of the ancient Lycian Way, the rooms among the sandalwood trees, and the turquoise sea away from the crowds.
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