Lov Faralya Beach & Nature Retreat

Discover your soul within a timeless scenery and if you are ready, initiate the change.
We already did.


Emotions that make you forget time.

Let's open the doors to a unique scenery together. Get away from time, merge with nature, and take some time for yourself. The different scents you will find among the calmest colors of nature are inspiring for the adventurous soul.


Experience UNIQUE activities in addition to the beauty offered by nature


Characterful living spaces: PEACEFUL and SOOTHING


Unique experiences: Enjoy the Sunset in the heart of nature


LOV ART GALLERY: Visit LOV Art Gallery, which contributes to the unique nature art with Turkey's leading artists


Experience UNIQUE activities in addition to the beauty offered by nature


Characterful living spaces: PEACEFUL and SOOTHING


It's Time to Embrace What Nature Offers You!

Dive into the exquisite experiences among the safe pine forests, vast blue waters, and refreshing air. While gazing at the magnificent painting of nature, remember that you are also a part of it and living every moment. Nature takes your hand with a gentle breeze, leading you towards beautiful emotions.


Lov Faralya: Unique Architecture and Room Designs

Experience a unique vacation at Lov Faralya with its architecture designed as if only you were there in the heart of nature. Rooms with exclusive use areas only for you, designed to make you feel special and discover your unexplored emotions.


Feel In Heaven With Your Loved One

Escape to Lov Faralya, a romantic sanctuary located in the quiet hills of Faralya. Enjoy the luxury amenities, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and create unforgettable memories with your loved one.


Take a moment to discover the magnificent harmony of colors in the calm waters and listen to the sound and scent of the forests that stretch out into greenery. You are present in every moment you see and feel, and finding serenity is so easy...


Listen to the smell and sound of groves stretching from calm waters to green, where you discover the wonderful harmony of calmness and colors. You exist in every moment you see and feel, it is very easy to find religion...


Enjoy the Delicious Effect of the World of Taste

Get ready for the unique presentations of different culinary cultures. While every meal is healthy by preserving the stories of natural and fresh products, feel the care for presentation that fits every taste bud.



In the ancient light of nature's miracles, it is possible to relax with a spa to gain health and tranquility. Let your soul and body speak and turn your dreams into reality.


Timeless view to immortalize: Weddings and special events at Lov Faralya

How about immortalizing everlasting emotions in a timeless landscape? The expert team of Lov Faralya is delighted to be with you on your wedding or special occasions.

Discover a slower pace of life at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, away from the city. Enjoy the tranquility of the ancient Lycian Way, the rooms among the sandalwood trees, and the turquoise sea away from the crowds.
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